Restoring Session

Best for those with long standing health issues.

$460 for six months

Medicinal culinary spices and herbs
Wild Dandelion flower
Couple cooking and blending vegetable

What's Included

Restoring sessions are best for those with long-standing conditions. Single Sessions and Focus Sessions are just a beginning. For a real turnaround in health, Restoring Sessions bring long-term focus on healthy eating plans, resourcing ingredients, and using herbal therapy for maximum vitality.

All client interaction is confidential.

Sessions Include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Dietary intake of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, exercise, lifestyle factors, stress and stress management. The purpose is to get a clear understanding of your current state of health and to give the best herb and nutritional advice that will benefit YOU, the individual.

For new clients, an initial intake evaluation will be sent after payment for the session in received. Contact information, appointment scheduling, and health history and areas of concern are listed on the form.

No. I require contact information and appointment date to provide my consulting service. However, any health information you provide is at your own discretion and is confidential. It is in your best interest to fill out the form as honestly as possible in order to make the best use of time in your session.

I will email you a summary in PDF form of my recommendations, special instructions regarding dose or preparations, and resourcing special items.

A follow-up meeting will be arranged at the end of the first session in order to evaluate progress with the given recommendations.

As often as you need. All sessions include unlimited email support within the timeframe per session. I will respond to emails often as possible during regular business hours 9am-4pm PST.

Herbs and nutrition therapy are very safe practices, major medical emergencies are rare. See your MD if you have an emergency. If you are taking herbs and experience major side effects, stop taking the herb until symptoms subside.

It’s your responsibility to follow recommendations and source the materials. Following guidelines and suggestions is the most critical part of effecting health changes. Be honest. The more I know the better I can help. Clients are responsible for scheduling follow-up appoints and seeking out continued service.

Client confidentiality will be adhered to exclusively. When requested by your primary care doctor or MD, I will provide history of our sessions. I keep a confidential record of all client information for archival and historical purposes of progress and evaluation during session(s). 

What To Expect

Restoring health and vitality is a team effort with me. We work together in evaluating your concerns and make a treatment plan through my personalized recommendations. 

1-on-1 Attention

I give my full attention to listening to your story & history. This is the initial intake that will be used to guide us as we work together.

Root Problem

We dig deep to understand the underlying causes and address them at the source, using herbal therapy and foods to aggressively treat the issue.


Herbal remedies are recommended in forms of teas, tinctures, capsules. Foods are included to be the foundation for positive health changes.

Follow-up Meeting

This is how we assess progress. We will discuss what's working, what's not, positives and negatives and adjust recommendations as necessary.

Need something lighter?

Maybe a Restoring Session isn’t right for you. Maybe you don’t have a serious illness, or maybe you just want to have a lighter commitment. I got you covered. Single Sessions and Focus Sessions are a great way to take that first step back to health.